The story of our heroes thus far...

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Greetings and salutations to my loyal readers! I haven’t been posting but I swear I’ve been reading still, thank you all for your patience.

Our story begins several years ago. I had moved to Portland to become an executive assistant to a regional manager. Upon arriving however, I discovered that the young woman I was replacing no longer wanted to move back to Salt Lake City. I was offered the ‘opportunity’ to become a mortgage processor. Given the lack of contacts I had in the region, I accepted.

A year later, the company was experiencing the bottoming out of their stock and complete loss of consumer confidence. It was purchased by another large company and I was notified that I would not have a position in the regional office.

Three months later I got a call that they were swamped and could I please come back? I did so, and thus began the descent through the many layers of hell that was employment with the Big Bad Bank. Big Bad will now forever be the worst company I worked for, if only because it lasted so long. The level of frustration and stress experienced by everyone there made getting through each day a mental and emotional challenge.

This last October, I finally started looking for a new job, mostly because I got a random call from another company asking if I was interested in interviewing for a new position. I’ve finally made enough contacts in the local community that this sort of thing happens I guess! I went on a bunch of interviews, but finally settled for working at Medium Sized Local Bank, which also has repeatedly been voted a ‘best place to work’. Figuring I was in a good place finally, I started the process of getting my very first house for myself, instead of just working on other people’s home loans.

Finally, in February, I found a wonderful little starter house and the contract was accepted by the sellers! Then, the inspections went well, and the appraised value was higher than my offer! We shifted into the final phase of getting my mortgage approved through the internal employee loan program at the beginning of March.

I walked into the office on the morning of Friday March 8th with high hopes of hearing good news that afternoon. I got my tea, settled into my cubicle, and noticed a missed call from my manager. I walked over to her office to find out what she needed, and she asked me to close the door.

Yeeeeeeaaaaaah….. that wasn’t good.

She let me know that the company was restructuring, and my position had been eliminated along with 24 others. That we would receive a two week severance, and I could go ahead and pack up my desk; my files would be redistributed amongst my remaining co-workers.
Poor timing, to say the least. No job = no home loan. I quickly called my agent and loan officer and let them know status; they both advised for me to take the weekend, research other jobs, and see if I thought I could get a new position quickly. If so, we’d keep moving forward and wouldn’t even mention it to the seller.

Mr B’s response sums up my feelings at the time: What the fuck??? Fuckowitz!

We went on a walk for lunch, wandered over to the Hollywood district and sat down to eat. As I waited for the burgers and Mr B had a cigarette, I got an message from a recruiter. He’d heard from a (now ex) coworker saying I was available, and would I be interested in applying for a position with Large National Bank?

Holy Mackerel!

By Monday I had applied to a few different places and had a bunch of interviews lined up, by Thursday I was told I would be receiving offers. Friday morning I received two, and accepted one and faxed back the contract that afternoon. One week from no job to new job! Plus, I got the two weeks severance and a bit of unemployment, since it took some time for the new place to complete my background check.

So after a 3 week ‘vacation’, I’ve started with New Mortgage Company as of April first. Previous employer did manage to final approve my home loan even with the job change, and I just signed the closing package yesterday! After work today, I’ll be driving over to our new house and picking up the keys from my realtor (mad props to sage_and_sea!)

I’m extremely excited, and I’ll be posting pictures hopefully soon of the house. I’m also going to be getting back into my art again, I’m tired of not having anything to show for all those years of college. We’ve got the room in the new place for me to have a separate art studio space, I’m going to take advantage of the new environment to kick start my creativity, possibly by doing a huge mural on the wall within a few weeks. :)

The next week will be the big moving push, and then we’ll see about opening up the house for a BBQ or something since the weather is finally turning around. For anyone that wants to reach me in the meantime, this handle at the gmail works best.



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My roommate found this kitten the other day crying in the rain outside our apartment. I've called basically every shelter within a 3 hour drive and they are all full (thus she will be euthanized if I don't find anything). This kitten is super cute, affectionate, and playful, so I'm sure she would have no trouble getting adopted, but I'm moving in a few days. I've posted on Craigslist and in other communities, but have yet to find anything promising.

If you know anyone in Iowa (near Cedar Rapids, Iowa City or Waterloo), St. Louis, Nashville or anywhere along the way who may want a kitten, would you please let them know she needs a home? I can take her as far as Nashville, but I'm then heading back to Oregon and the trip is really too long/difficult to have this kitten with me. This is seriously one of the nicest kittens I've ever seen and I do not want her euthanized!

Please contact the OP if you can help or know someone along that route!

five words, and a restart to blogging

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via daemonwise , I have five words neatly chosen to help reintroduce myself to the world, to blogging, and to various new and old friends. taking them in somewhat chronological order, giving a bit of background and history for each.onwards and inwards...Collapse )

I seem to have hijacked the meme for my own purposes a bit there. :)

since this is a restart, I'll open it up and make this an open post, and go ahead and invite you to pass the meme along. who would like five words? they may be a bit random, but I'll try and make them relevant.


SaraToons: Spooks
I need to do a huge update, profess my undying love for those still following this journal, and give some extra digital hugs to those that need 'em. In the meantime, I thought those in the tri-state region might be interested in this:

THIS SATURDAY! At Laurelhurst Park in Portland, OR, there will be a presentation of Two Gentleman of Lebowski! This Shakespearean take on the Big Lebowski movie is a work of love by a fan (but not us), and our dedicated team as put together a reading for those that are interested in hearing the magnificence. Free, hopefully sunny, and definitely NSFW (children beware).

Both worshipthesnake and I have roles in it, feel free to bring delicious fresh fruit to throw at us if we flub. ;) I've been craving strawberries, myself. Blankets advised, umbrellas if it rains, sunscreen if it doesn't. And don't forget the white russians!!

Also, this Friday at the Beaverton Powell's will be Jacqueline Carey, and I am going to be there clutching as many books as I dare. Feel free to join me in line.

Other than those items, I'm keeping alive by day-dreaming about leaving this job and hugging Mr B and the cats tight every evening. Hopefully I'll be moving on to bigger and brighter things by the end of the year. Links to artwork, coming soon! Really!! I even took out a SaraToons blog on wordpress.

EDITED TO ADD: I'll check with Mr B, but we're probably good to offer crash space to those that might need it. Throwing in a possible trip to karaoke on Saturday night at the local pub.

Jun. 21st, 2009

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So. I'm learning how to use this new toy I got. I have joined the cult of iPhone. My fingers feel too big for the keyboard but I am learning slowly the best position to type in. And the delete and auto spell correct are now my best friends...

Anywho, I've discovered that the numbers on the chip were unfortunately not the most recent. And I'm missing alot of people in general. I'll lock down the comments, could everyone please provide their contact info?


Okay, I can't figure out how to screen comments with the app... So just email or txt me? Moonchylde at gmail. :)

-editing to try again... *chirpchirp* I guess nobody is out there anymore... well, I did get the comments screened, so please? Contact infos?

Food Democracy! via

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Bonnie Powell, who covers the ethics and politics of foodover at the marvelous blog Ethicurean, says:

Obama still hasn't named a Secretary of Agriculture, which is one of the most important appointments in the Cabinet, overseeing a $94 billion budget that directly affects not just farmers, but public health, the environment, animal welfare, and so much more. For years this post has been held by shills for "Big Farma" and pandered to those corporations like Cargill, Smithfield, Monsanto, and Archer Daniels Midland with massive lobbying clout. As Nicholas Kristof wrote in his NY Times column "Obama's Secretary of Food?", appointing a reformer to head the USDA would send a "powerful signal" that U.S. food policy was finally about to become more palatable.

Kristof linked to a petition at that asks Obama's transition team to consider six candidates — all experienced, viable names of people who are ready and willing to serve — for Secretary of Agriculture who could potentially mend our broken food system. Already, after only six days, 36,000 people have signed the petition, including Michael Pollan, Alice Waters, and Bill Niman, and the Obama transition team appears to be paying attention. But for some reason, the current names still being floated in the media are not those of reformers at all.

Dave Murphy, a sixth-generation Iowan and the petition's organizer, tells me that he thinks if we can get the number of signers to 100,000 over the next few days, the pressure to choose someone from the sustainable agriculture and food community — not Big Farma – would be too immense to ignore.

Please consider signing the petition, blogging it, and/or forwarding this message to your personal networks and any list-servs you are on. Visit now to sign.

Sign this Ag Sec petition: It’s worth a shot (Ethicurean)

Cat help alert!


His kitty got sick! In order to keep him alive, he had to sign him over to the vet to be adopted out to someone else! If he can raise the money he can get kitty back home, but help quick!

We are sort broke-ish, but I know some of you out there might still be Xmas shopping, so here's an option!

I never got to shake his hand...

Many years ago I went to Comicon for the first time. There was a panel there which included Ray Bradbury, Ray Harryhausen, and Forrest J Ackerman. Listening to the three of them, old men that started in the industry decades before we were even born. Ackerman spoke of the first sci fi conventions - ever - that he dressed up for. He was one of the first costumed attendees. They cheerfully, crankily gave advice, reminisced and joked. Ackerman, lovable uncle to all, gave out his phone number to an entire giant hall of attendees so that we could call him if we wanted to stop by for a tour of his house.

For years Mr B and I kept saying we would make it by there, we would knock on his door some Saturday and meet him, chat with him, and enjoy the pleasure of his youthful enthusiasm combined with nearly Yoda-like sci-fi wisdom. Then we moved away from Southern California last year... and even as we moved, I mentioned with regret that we hadn't taken the opportunity to meet him and see his collections.

I remember his comments as to why he had so much. "I thought it was a fad, and would disappear soon, so I collected everything I could, afraid that eventually it would end!" Thanks to his (and others) devotion, his favorite genre has survived him, and holds him as one of the Saints of Sci Fi.

Last month (unbeknownst to myself) this was posted in 'aintitcoolnews': Forrest J Ackerman is slipping away...Collapse ) Then, just today, just now, I find out he has passed. The uncle I never met, that so many people probably didn't even know they owed a debt to for his huge contributions to the community, is gone. :(The obit from LA Times:Collapse ) Rest well, Uncle Forry. We'll miss you.

Nov. 22nd, 2008

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You answered 30 out of 33 correctly — 90.91 %
Average score for this quiz during November: 77.8%
Average score: 77.8%
You can take the quiz as often as you like, however, your score will only count once toward the monthly average.
If you have any comments or questions about the quiz, please email
You can consult the following table to see how citizens and elected officials scored on each question.
Answers to Your Missed Questions:Collapse )</span></div>Answers to Your Missed Questions:Collapse )


&#39;Spirited Away&#39; Sooties
Tonight, at 9pm west coast, Ghost Hunters is showing their new episode.

This new episode was filmed in Fresno, CA.

At the Clovis Sanitarium.

Where I worked, in the haunted house, many years ago!

I'm so excited I can hardly type. Everybody watch! I'm pretty sure this is the house I'm thinking of. I'm going to check out their website right now and see if I can find out more information! The house/sanitarium was very cool, and creepy, and many of my coworkers had 'experiences' though I never did.

Oh, Google has a pic of it:pic behind cutCollapse )


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